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Talent as a Service - The Latest Talent Acquisition Model

A few years ago, you may have wondered "if" you would ever consider PaaS, IaaS, or SaaS solutions at your company. Today, if you haven't already adopted at least one, it might become just a matter of "when". While striving to keep up with the technology trends which acquires most of our attention, the socio-economic environment of the individuals, at the core of using or running these advanced technologies, is also changing. That is where a TaaS platform falls naturally in place, a child of the marriage between the platform-economy and gig-economy.

If still don't see this coming, did you see any of these names coming? Uber (a platform + car space = rides), Airbnb (a platform + property space = travel accommodations), or Alibaba and Amazon (a platform + suppliers = products). These platforms developed "scale", with the magic word – "global". TaaS is a platform + talent = service delivery, at virtually no risk to you, (client and specialist), as the platform owner assumes all risks (e.g. Anything not working about an Uber ride, Uber takes care of it)

TaaS thrives on business' infrastructural advancements (e.g. increasing internet usage and speeds, mobile device usage, etc.), business' workplace adaptations (e.g. increasing appetite for online meetings, remote work, etc.), business' legal restrictions (e.g. restrictions of foreign labor intake, encouraging nationalization of labor, etc.), and workforce change (e.g. demand for flexible hours and work-from-home, increased freelancing and displeasure with office politics, etc.).


We are a Canadian-based company exclusively specializing in technology consulting and advisory services. Our vision is that hiring managers build networks of on-demand specialists readily available to fulfill service needs, and similarly these specialists create networks of clients, to fulfill on their livelihood. Our mission is to facilitate and promote such networks to make lives easy, both at work and at home.


We are both acting and veteran managers and specialists in your field.

Better Match

Local and remote specialists in your industry. Charge-rate and availability posted.

Quick Start

Instant top-10 match. Find and hire in 2 days, not 3 weeks. Self-driven and 24/7.

Lower Costs

Negotiate directly with specialists. No middleman. Flex-hiring. Save up-to 75%.



Simple, fast, and engaging is key to 60Talent's networks of ease!


Describe and post your task. We instantly match you with the right specialists (further filter by charge-rates, delivery mode, SLAs…etc.)


Pick your specialist, interview on the platform, and extend an offer outlining your engagement and delivery terms.


Work together on your premises, or remotely (on the platform, or giving VPN access). Track progress and deliverable online the platform.


Approve the delivered worked, pay the specialists and rate them.


60Talent Communities


No. They are independent contractors/freelancers that we manage. Think of your personal relation to Amazon, and that Amazon supplier of the goods or services you buy.

It is quite easy, and two dimensional. First, enjoy our free trail on your target talent community (e.g. Oracle), navigate unlimited specialist profiles. You could get an idea of the rates, hiring locally and equivalent talent skillset globally, and even post a service request/job. Second, have your company list 60Talent as a vendor, to eventually pay us for the specialist you hired.

Multiple ways: Specialist profiles carry your peer talent seekers' rating. If no rating is available, you interview them (like a regular recruiting cycle), you can also call their references (three on their profile), and finally know that your payment is only released once you approve the completed job.

First, let's agree that life doesn't stop at a person. True? Second, what happens if that happen to you today? No option really, but to wait on your current vendor for a fill-back, and it could take 2-3 weeks. The good news is, on 60Talent, you hire them in hours, and if needs be, you replace them also in just hours.

Like most of your vendors, we carry liability insurance. Anything goes south, we step in.